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Trolltunga Hotel has a formidable location in Odda and the amazing Hardanger fjord. We offer accomodation with incredible views over mountains, the fjord, a lake, waterfalls, the wild Opo river and the Folgefonna glacier from our rooms. Enjoy exquisite local food in our very own Trolltunga Restaurant. 

We are very close to the Odda City Centre, the Folgefonna glacier, Buerbreen, our Rockstar - Trolltunga, the Valley of Waterfalls, the beautiful fruit trees in Hardanger and countless activities and hikes nearby.

Trolltunga Hotel has a new section that was finished in 2016 and the main building was renovated in 2017. Team Trolltunga Hotel aim to offer our guests to recharge their batteries as much as possible during your stay, so that you can be as active as possible while exploring and experiencing the amazing Odda and Hardanger area. We have wide variety of room types that fit every need, a delicate Á la Carte menu consisting of local produce in our Trolltunga Restaurant, Our Golden bar offering a great range of local drinks and ciders, and much more.

We offer a free shuttle transport to the Trolltunga  Active starting point outside of the hiking season in cooperation with Trolltunga Active. Our shuttle runs between 19th of March through 15th of June, then operates again from 15th of September until 1st of November.

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>>BREAKING NEWS<< New place to hang out this summer: πŸ‘‰πŸ»VIA FERRATA TROLLTUNGA πŸ‘ˆπŸ»
Come and hang with us! πŸ§—πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
Who do YOU wan’t to hang out with? 😎
Please share!! πŸ“£ More information on πŸ‘‰πŸ» www.trolltunga-active.com #breakingnews #TrolltungaViaferrata #TrolltungaActive #Trolltunga #guiding #ViaferrataHappy 1st of May. β˜€οΈ Restaurant is open 18-23 daily from today on. πŸ“· Trolltunga Hotel @algirdaszabitisNew menue & opening hours from 1st of May: every day 18-23!

Welcome! πŸ“· Trolltunga Hotel @algirdaszabitisBoblebrunsj 14-16 i dag 😁Trolltunga Restaurant open on Sundays 14-18. Welcome!

#TrolltungarestaurantAaaah, what a view from #Lilletop and @vasskraftmuseet over the #Hardangerfjord towards #Odda. πŸ“· Trolltunga Hotel @algirdaszabitisBabe let's relax. Enjoy and fill up some energy with the Saturday Bubble Brunch now and then we head to #Tyssedal to explore #Lilletop and the Hardanger Fjord. β˜€οΈ #trolltungarestaurant #trolltunga #trolltungahotel πŸ“· Trolltunga Hotel @algirdaszabitisYet at some point you only just want to get out to explore #Odda and #Hardanger and get out on new adventures. 'There is so much to explore! Come on! Yes I am just checking that other option, or that one, or that one... Or' πŸ“· Trolltunga Hotel @algirdaszabitis

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