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Trolltunga Restaurant strives to be a place known for its tasteful food and its great and personal service. Enjoy Norwegian Cuisine after travelling, hiking in the mountains or enjoying the adventures of the region.

Our cuisine is designed to reflect our fruitful nature surroundings. Our chefs use local ingredients and invite you to enjoy traditional food paired with modern fresh Norwegian cuisine and tasteful vegetarian options.

Hardanger is proud of its culinary heritage and has been Norways main fruit region for over a millenia. Some of the worlds most genetically clean apples are produced here, and you may try a variety of local beverages that are a result of these roots at Trolltunga Restaurant and Hotel.







Salmon Tartar


Toast topped with smoked and fresh salmon from Skånevik.

Served with mango- and avocado-salsa.

Allergies: wheat flour, rye and milk. Contains fish and soy


NOK 179.-



Energetic Start

Delicious caprese salad of mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, and crunchy salad. 

Balanced with balsamic- and basil oil. Served with toasted slices with herbal butter.

Allergies: wheat flour, rye, and milk. May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, and soy.

NOK 140.-




#ilovenorway #fjord

Homemade fish burger from the local fisher. Brioche bread, fresh tomatoes, aioli, lettuce, and tasty fresh cabbage salad.

Served with oven-baked Amandine potatoes.

Allergies: fish, eggs, celery root, wheat flour and milk. May contain traces of sesame


NOK 289.-


Hardanger* Mountain Trout

Oved-baked trout fillet with vegetables of the day. 

Served with homemade mashed potatoes gratin and Sandefjord butter

Allergies: milk, wheat flour, fish, and eggs. May contain traces of soy

NOK 295.-


Trolltunga Signature

Trolltunga Restaurant’s signature course:

Tender 180g beef tenderloin with demi-glace red wine sauce, selected vegetables, and Amandine potatoes.

Allergies: milk, wheat flour, soy, and mustard

NOK 369.-


Venison Stew

Homemade stew of deer. Served with potatoes, stirred cranberries, flatbread, and salad.

Allergies: milk, wheat flour and rye. May contain traces of sesame

NOK 349.-





Strudel from Hardanger

Warm apple cake served with hazelnut ice cream delivered from DolceVidda Iskremeri*

Allergies: wheat flour, nuts, and milk


NOK 139.-


Trolltunga Surprise

Pure enjoyment of hot and cold, soft and crispy elements.

-the dessert for you who love chocolate-

Served with berries and raspberry sorbet delivered from DolceVidda Iskremeri*

Allergies: wheat flour, nuts, egg, milk, and chocolate


NOK 169.-


Local Cheese Plate

Various types of cheese from local cheese producers put together on a plate by our professional chef.

Allergies: wheat flour, nuts, egg, milk, cheese, soy


NOK 179.-


*Locally produced products may be unavailable due to raw material supply / production. Our waiter then will inform you about this.

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