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Trolltunga Hotel is situated in the heart of the Town of Outdoorlife, Odda in Hardanger. Our focus is on sustainability, to express the unique history of the area, to create a relaxing atmosphere and to use local producers both furnishings, food and drinks.

The beautiful villa building from 1928 was renovated in 2017, with a newly built wing from 2016. In 2021, more rooms were added, a new floor in the new wing, as well as a spectacular restaurant made of glass in front of the hotel. Trolltunga Hotel has all together 52 rooms.

View and impressions

The interior is a combination of Nordic, modern and retro style, but since we are so privileged regarding our surroundings the view out to the beautiful nature is the main interior.

While taking in the impression of turquoise Sandvin lake , the mighty Opo River and steep mountains right outside the windows, our team strives to offer you a place where everyone of our guests can recharge their batteries and feel like at home.

A woman is wine-tasting.

Our history

The Trolltunga Hotel and the city of Odda has quite a story to tell.

At the start of the 19th century Odda was a hidden gem at the end of Hardangerfjorden. Then the village was discovered by English "salmon lords". The lords were enticed by the fjord, waterfalls, glacier, and mountains. Around 1830-40 Odda quickly developed from a smal rural farming village, to a national center for tourism. At its peak there were 11 hotels in Odda, and in 1904 Odda welcomed 84 foreign ships packed with over 12 000 tourists.

In 1908, the Tyssefaldene hydro power station, Tysso 1 opened. Waterfalls were closed down, water was tranformed to electricity, used for the zink, carbide, and cyanamide factories that were built in the center of Odda. At that time the factories were without any kind of purification facilities, and this effected the enviroment surroundings of Odda. The hotels started to notice a reduction in visits. Travel guidebooks noted that "Odda is like a beautiful painting, but its damaged by the industry - an activity that has stolen the landscape charm".

Odda, the center of tourism, had become an industry center.

In 2003 both the carbide and cyanamide factories went bankrupt. Over 15 years, the number of inhabitans of Odda were reduced from 12000 to 7500. Strict industry and enviromental regulations, as well as moving production to low-cost countries characterices the industry of Odda. Again Odda needed to change.

In 2003, there were still two large factories in Odda. But by meeting the industry and environmental regulations, the amazing scenery of Odda had slowly returned to its former glory.

In 2005 we bought the Odda Alderheims/retirement home. Renovated the 28 rooms into a “hotel” in 2006. Everyone said that this was crazy and that no tourists would stay at the hotel, since Odda was describe by Lonely Planet as one of the ugliest cities in Norway.

Only two years later we realized: they were right. The hotel was close to bankruptcy.

As a last attempt to survive  we came up with the idea to offer guided hikes to Trolltunga, a rock formation that at that time was not well known. The guiding company Trolltunga Active was established.

Our plan was to create "a reason to go", and with a reason to go, we also created the need of accommodation. This changed everything. Social media discovered our pictures from Trolltunga. The pictures rapidly spread at Facebook and Instagram, and within few years Trolltunga turned into one of the main nature attractions of Norway.

During 2008 less than 1000 tourists visited Trolltunga. In 2022 more than 80 000 tourists have done the 10 hour hike.

Odda is a the moment in the beginning of a new "leap". 100 years of industry being the main foundation of the district, is at the end. Tourism is again a growing business.

The numerous sights and attractions are still here. The valley of the waterfalls, the Folgefonna glacier, the fjord with the fruitfarms and Sider productions. The city is rediscovered as a tourist center.

Together with Trolltunga Active and other valuable partners, Trolltunga Hotel are creating unforgettable experiences for travellers from all around the world.

Welcome for a stay, and explore the new "harbour" Odda is about to glide into.

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