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Breathtaking adventures

The trolltunga mountain.
A snowy fjord.
A tent under a night sky.

Hardanger is a year-round destination! The spectacular mountains serve as a playground for both hikers, climbers and skiers – for all levels. And the region also enchants those seeking a fjord and lake adventure; swimming, paddling, and RIB tours are the perfect activities to do while witness the scenery from sea perspective. While you explore this region, remember to leave no trace! Our partner company, Trolltunga Active, offers extraordinary and local guided journeys.

Explore  - Eat - Sleep  - Repeat

Hardanger is region filled with nature attractions, food and beverages, all framed with an impressing history and authentic culture.
Pick Your adventure, create a holiday with memories for life, join us and Explore -Eat - Sleep - Repeat.
At Trolltunga Hotel You get it all!

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Can I store my bag/luggage?

Yes, we do offer luggage storage free of charge. The hotel reserves to right to deny storage of oversized and suspicious items.

Do you allow early/late check in and late check-out?

Requests for early check-in and late check-out are honored but subject to availability. Allowable free-of-charge early check-in is from 12 PM. Applicable charges will be billed for exceeding hours.

Late check in after 23.00 please let us know. Late check in can be agreed by contacting reception at minimum 24 hours before arrival.

Check out later than 12.00 PM will be billed 50 % of the rate of room.

How can I get to the hotel?

We are situated in Odda, the closest city to the Trolltunga.

From Gardermoen Airport, Oslo - 5 hours 30 minutes (392 kilometers)

From Flesland Airport, Bergen – 2 hours 50 minutes (134 kilometers)

From Haugesund Airport, Karmøy – 2 hours 10 minutes (136 kilometers)

From Sola Airport, Stavanger – 3 hours 35 minutes (201 kilometers)

What time can I check-in and check-out?

Standard check-in time is at 15.00-22.00 and check-out at 11.00 PM.

Where can I park my car, and what is the price?

You can park your car free of charge at the hotel’s private parking, and at the public parking by the Sandvin Lake.