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General Terms & Conditions

Trolltunga Hotel AS, Org nr. 989 438 859


…facility is defined as all hotel rooms, meeting venues, restaurants, bars, and other premises and areas which, including equipment, are available to Trolltunga Hotel AS guests.

…arrangement is defined as a situation where premises and/or areas are made available with or without lodging and/or food, e.g., for meetings, events, conferences, lunches and dinners.

…ordering party is defined as the person – legal or physical – who is obligated to pay for the arrangement or the stay at the hotel.

…value of the order is defined as the agreed upon price for the entire order, or the total of the ordered number of participants, multiplied by the agreed price per participant per day, and the price of specially ordered services.

…booking and order are defined in the same manner in these terms and conditions.

… individual hotel rooms are defined as hotel rooms not included in an arrangement or a group.

…group is defined here as when an ordering party has booked a minimum of 10 or more participants, at the same time, and where the booking only includes room and/or meal.

…guest is defined here as the person who participates in an arrangement, or who lives or stays at the facility.

…Kr or NOK refers to Norwegian Crowns.

…in writing is defined as by letter, or e-mail.

1. General information

1.1 These general terms and conditions apply between Trolltunga Hotel AS and a party who enters into an agreement with Trolltunga Hotel AS in accordance with the booking confirmation (the guest). See own General terms for group reservations enclosed.

1.2 Trolltunga Hotel AS is responsible for all transactions which take place through www.trolltungahotel.no, and transactions by cash, bank cards/credit cards at the facility.

1.3 Trolltunga Hotel AS is responsible for our sub-suppliers being paid for what you have ordered through us. Our sub-suppliers are each responsible for their own parts of the program; including comprehensive insurance, permits, equipment, staffing etc., and for their compliance with prevailing laws and regulations that apply to the supplier.

1.4 The person responsible for the booking at www.trolltungahotel.no must be 18 years old. This applies for all product and services that can be booked at the website.

1.5 Trolltunga Hotel AS disclaims all responsibility for errors committed by customers failing to observe the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions protect you as a customer, and Trolltunga Hotel AS as distributors.

2. Prices

2.1 Offered prices
Prices that Trolltunga Hotel AS provides upon request or in connection with an order, only apply to this specific occasion, unless otherwise agreed, and for the indicated days, seasons or periods, as well as the number of hotel rooms, premises and/or persons. If the ordering party changes the order in itself or the conditions in some manner, Trolltunga Hotel AS shall not be bound to the offered price, but shall have the right to provide a new price.

2.2 Exception for price changes
If, based on the order, the cost of delivery increases as a consequence of tax increases, currency devaluation, government decisions or similar circumstances, Trolltunga Hotel shall be entitled to impose surcharges that correspond to the increase in cost.

3. Booking policy for all products at Trolltunga Hotel AS

3.1 Binding of reservation
A reservation is binding as soon as a booking number has been assigned to the guest and payment made. It is the guest's responsibility to verify that the arrival and departure dates and all other crucial booking data are correct.

3.2 Conditions for the booking
Trolltunga Hotel AS has the right, as a condition for the booking:

a. to conduct and evaluate the result of a credit check
b. to request a security deposit or payment in advance
c. to require a security payment for no-show by asking the ordering party or the guest to provide complete account information, which means that the ordering party or the guest approves the withdrawal.

3.3 Cancellation policy

3.3.1 All cancellations must be made via e-mail to mail@trolltungahotel.no
3.3.2 If the cancellation is made 30 days or more before arrival, Trolltunga Hotel AS will refund the entire amount. The refund will go to the credit card issued for the booking.
3.3.3 If the cancellation is made between 29 and 14 days before arrival, Trolltunga Hotel AS will refund 50 % of the entire amount. The refund will go to the credit card issued for the booking.
3.3.4 If the cancellation is made less than 14 days before arrival, the amount is not refundable

3.4 Change of booking

The customer may change the booking by calling +47 4000 4486 or e-mail mail@trolltungahotel.no. A booking fee applies according to 3.6.

3.5 Check-in, check-out and arrival
3.5.1 Check-in for all accommodation units is at Trolltunga Hotel after 4 pm on the day of arrival

3.5.2 Check- out for all accommodation units is at Trolltunga Hotel before 11 am on the day of departure
3.5.3 The reception at Trolltunga Hotel is open 06.00-23.00 hours daily, but if you arrive later than 6 pm, we kindly ask you to notify us on e-mail or phone.

3.6 Change of accommodation unit
If circumstances beyond the control of Trolltunga Hotel AS should arise, Trolltunga Hotel AS has the right to move the customer to a dwelling of similar standard. In cases where advance notice is possible, the customer will be informed about such changes. However, this does not exempt the customer from paying for the stay.

3.7 Complaints at the accommodation unit
3.7.1 If the customer has complaints to make about the dwelling upon arrival or during the stay, we request him/her to contact the personnel/reception in order to solve the issue.
3.7.2 Refunds will not be made if the customer makes complaints about the dwelling at departure, or later.

4. Payment

4.1 Payment at webpage

4.1.1 The guest shall pay 100 % when booking at www.trolltungahotel.no, and will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail. The guest need to show the booking confirmation on arrival. The website is 3D Secure-enabled.

4.1.2 Our partner Teller AS is responsible for credit card numbers and codes being securely processed in accordance with the requirements defined in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

All prices include VAT unless otherwise indicated. All room prices are indicated for a certain number of people. Trolltunga Hotel has the right to apply a surcharge for every additional person in the hotel room.

4.2. Payments at facility

4.2.1 Payments with in cash or with a bank card. Trolltunga Hotel accepts most regular credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro), Norwegian currency. Payment with foreign currencies will be charged with a fee of 200 NOK.

4.2.2 Vouchers or gift cards. Trolltunga Hotel AS also accepts payment in the form of vouchers or gift cards, in accordance with special agreements.

4.3 Invoice
After having performed a credit check, Trolltunga Hotel AS may accept, at least eight weeks before the ordering party’s arrival, payment based on invoice for amounts in excess of NOK 5000. If an agreement has been made regarding payment against an invoice, the ordering party shall make payment in full within fourteen days of the invoice date.
Any complaints about an invoice must be received by Trolltunga Hotel AS within eight days of the invoice date. The ordering party shall provide a written itemisation of the errors and the nature of the errors. If the ordering party does file a claim within the stipulated period, and does not indicate the nature of the error, the ordering party shall have forfeited his right to a price reduction or similar compensation.

4.4 Late payment
If Trolltunga Hotel has not received payment by the due date, Trolltunga Hotel AS shall have the right to charge the legal reminder fee as well as late interest, at the percentage rate of 8,5 % per month.

5. Insurance

We recommend all our customers to ensure they have good insurance cover before travelling, in the event of illness, loss or damage to luggage, accidents, liability and similar.

6. Guests responsibility

6.1 Person insolent
The guest is responsible for any damage caused to the facility by himself/herself, his/her personnel or participants in arrangements or groups, by negligence or carelessness. The ordering party may, at his/her request, inspect the facility before the start of the arrangement.

6.2 Damages
If a guest causes damage to furnishings, equipment, decorations, art, sculptures or other interiors, the guest and the ordering party are jointly and severally responsible for compensating Trolltunga Hotel in an amount that corresponds to the repair costs or replacement, as well as any loss of income that occurs as a result of said damage.

6.3 Non-smoking hotel
Our rooms are non-smoking. If you do smoke inside the hotel you will be charged with NOK 3000.

6.4 Emergency services
If a guest causes an unnecessary visit by the emergency services, the guest and the ordering party are jointly and severally liable for compensating Trolltunga Hotel for any costs incurred.

6.5 Alcohol and drug regulations
If Trolltunga Hotel AS has reasonable cause to believe that a guest is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, Trolltunga Hotel AS has the right to expel said guest from the facility, in accordance with Norwegian law. Trolltunga Hotel AS has the right and the obligation to charge the ordering party for the entire stay.

6.6 Access to room
Trolltunga Hotel AS has the right to gain access to hotel rooms and premises used by the guest, for the purpose of cleaning, inspection, etc.

6.7 Internet Connection
Trolltunga Hotel AS provides a wireless broadband connection in the reception/restaurant area without extra cost, however without firewalls, virus protection or support. The guest is responsible for his/her own equipment.

6.8 Allergy friendly rooms
No animals allowed. If you bring animals into the hotel you will be charged with NOK 3000.

7. Booking activities

7.1 Cancellation policy
See 5.1

7.2 Refund

Trolltunga Hotel AS and our sub-suppliers are not responsible for unsatisfactory weather conditions, closed facilities or other conditions that are not in the company’s control.

Activities cancelled by the guest due to bad weather, poor conditions, will not be refunded.

8. Force Majeure

If Trolltunga Hotel AS is prevented from executing the agreement due to circumstances beyond Trolltunga Hotel’s control, which Trolltunga Hotel AS reasonably could not have expected when the agreement was made, and the consequences of which, Trolltunga Hotel AS could not reasonably have avoided or resolved, such as
• strike or lockout
• fire
• essential reductions in deliveries
• war
• natural disaster
• national martial law
• actions decided upon by the Parliament, government or local authorities,
this shall, if it affects the execution of the agreement, constitute the basis for exemption, which shall postpone the time of performance and exclude Trolltunga Hotel AS from penalties and other legal consequences. If the execution of the agreement is impeded for a period of longer than six (6) months, due to one of the consequences indicated above, Trolltunga Hotel AS shall have the right, without the obligation to pay compensation, to terminate the agreement in writing.



A group is defined as a group 10 guests or more travelling together and arriving and departing on the same dates.

  1. RATES:

Rates are quoted in NOK (Norwegian Krone). Room rates are quoted per night per room including buffet breakfast, service charge and all taxes effective upon conclusion of the agreement. In case that any new government tax is introduced during the validity of the agreement it will be added to the above rates. Group Rates are valid for a minimum of 10 (ten) persons. If groups are reduced to less than 10 persons, Individual Rates will apply.




50 % of total amount 8 weeks prior to arrival date

50 % of total amount 4 weeks prior to arrival date

Balance payable at check-in. No debtors.

In case that down payments are not credited in-time, the Hotel reserve the right to cancel the bookings.


It is the responsibility of the Client to deduct cancellation fees from the persons making the cancellation, and to credit these amounts to the hotel.

Unless agreed otherwise, following installments apply:

Cancellations up to 8 weeks before arrival no fee charged

Cancellations 6 to 4 weeks before arrival 25 % of booking value

Cancellations 3 to 2 week before arrival 50 % of booking value

Cancellations within 13 days before arrival full booking value


A rooming list and detailed meal requirements are to be made available to the Hotel 14 days prior to arrival date at the latest.


• All reservations, amendments or cancellations are subject to a written reconfirmation by the Hotel.

• The Hotel reserves the right to withdraw from this present agreement in case of force majeure or any grave violation to the agreement. In the event of force majeure, the hotel may not be held responsible for damages.

• Other terms not mentioned in this agreement are settled by the General Terms and Conditions for Trolltunga Hotel

• The contracting partners hereby declare that the contents of this agreement shall be kept secret from third parties, particularly with regard to the booking status and rates.

• The hotel reserves the right to accomplish accommodation in a hotel of same category.

• Any legal disputes arising from this agreement shall be settled before the court of Norway


Group rates and conditions are not valid for participants of congresses or conferences.