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Trolltunga Restaurant strives to be a place known for its tasteful food and its great and personal service. Enjoy Norwegian Cuisine after travelling, hiking in the mountains or enjoying the adventures of the region.

Our cuisine is designed to reflect our fruitful nature surroundings. Our chefs use local ingredients and invite you to enjoy traditional food paired with modern fresh Norwegian cuisine and tasteful vegetarian options.

Hardanger is proud of its culinary heritage and has been Norways main fruit region for over a millenia. Some of the worlds most genetically clean apples are produced here, and you may try a variety of local beverages that are a result of these roots at Trolltunga Restaurant and Hotel.




Mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, and crunchy salad.

Balanced with basil-olive oil. Served with herb butter toast.

Allergies: wheat flour, rye, and lactose. May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, and soy.

NOK 147.-


Beetroot Carpaccio

Sliced beets pickled in balsamic vinegar and cinnamon, lettuce, Chevre Chives from Haukeli, walnuts glazed with locally produced honey. Served with herb butter toast.
(ask waiter for a vegan option)

Allergies: lactose, celery, walnut

NOK 147.-


Salmon Tartar

Olive toast topped with smoked and fresh salmon from Skånevik. Served with mango salsa and pepper cream cheese.

Allergies: wheat flour, rye, lactose, and soy. Contain fish

NOK 199.-





Pumpkin- and Sweet Potato Soup
Soup of pumpkin and sweet potato, with orange. Topped with basil oil. Served with herb butter toast.
Allergies: wheat flour, soy.

NOK 159.-





Trolltunga Signature
Grilled 200 g beef tenderloin. Served with red wine demiglace, roasted seasonal vegetables, and baked Amandine potatoes.
Allergies: lactose, wheat flour, soy, mustard, sulfite, and celery.

NOK 387.-


Fish Burger

Homemade fish burger. Fish from the local fisherman. Brioche bread, fresh tomatoes and cucumber, aioli, tartar dressing, salad, and fresh cabbage salad.

Allergies: fish, eggs, celery root, wheat flour, and lactose. May contain traces of sesame.

NOK 289.-



Oven-baked Salmon

Oven-baked salmon with asparagus, boiled potatoes, hollandaise sauce, and anchovy- and black olive tapenade.

Allergies: lactose, wheat flour, fish, and eggs. May contain traces of soy.

NOK 325.-


Venison Stew

Homemade venison stew, served with boiled potatoes, stirred cranberries, flatbread, and salad.

Allergies: lactose, wheat flour, and rye. May contain traces of sesame

NOK 349.-


Risotto (vegan)

Delicious risotto with homemade vegan pesto, dried tomatoes, and bean salad.

NOK 199.-






Spaghetti with meatballs in tomato sauce

Allergies: lactose, wheat flour

NOK 99.-





Trolltunga Surprise

Pure enjoyment of hot and cold, soft and crispy elements. Served with raspberry sorbet from Dolce Vidda.

Allergies: wheat flour, nuts, eggs, and lactose.

NOK 176.-

Strudel from Hardanger

Warm strudel with plum served with hazelnut ice cream from Dolce Vidda.

Allergies: eggs, wheat flour, nuts, lactose

NOK 139.-


Plate of Cheese

Several types of cheese from Norwegian, local producers, combined with jam, fruit and biscuits.
Allergies: lactose, wheat flour, walnuts, and soy.

NOK 184.-



3 scoops of ice cream

Allergies: lactose, pistachios, eggs

NOK 115.-

2 scoops of ice cream from Dolce Vidda
Allergies: soy, eggs, lactose (not the sorbet)

NOK 115.-


Dolce Vidda pistachios ice cream on a stich

Allergies: lactose, pistachios, eggs

NOK 65.-


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