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Hardangerfjord Fishing Adventure.

Are you a group of friends, colleagues, or perhaps a couple that would love the explore something extraordinary? The Hardangerfjord is well known for the fruitproduction and Sider. But also below the fjord surface you can find magic.

Surrounded by beautiful and majestic mountain that ranges both to the east and to the west, the national parks Folgefonna in the west and Hardangervidda to the east with Sørfjorden in between. Over time this fjord, especially in winter (winter months) has proven to be a good spot for fishing with spawning fish such as coastal cod and sea lyre.

Morgan Vikne, our local fishing enthusiast invites to weekend where he will introduce you to fjordfishing, tip about equipment, the best seasons, his favourite fishingspots. After a day of fishing, Morgan and our chef at Trolltunga Restaurant will share their knowledge and ideas of fish recipes. All added with the best Sider from Hardanger.


Included with this package

  • 3 nights of accommodation at Trolltunga Hotel
  • Dinner, lunch and breakfast.
  • Fishing equipment.
  • Boat and professional boat driver
  • Lectures in fishing, preparation of fish, and cooking, with Morgan and the Trolltunga Restaurant Chef.
  • Sider tasting.

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Day 1 Arrival

Kl. 20.00-21.00 Meeting Morgan Vikne, a short introduction of the program, combined with a dinner at Trolltunga Restaurant.

Day 2 Fishing

Kl. 08.00-09.30 Lecture by Morgan Vikne. Tip about fishing equipment, fishing methods, how to find the good fishing spots, variations of types of fish trough the seasons. The program of the day.

Kl 10.00-17.00 Fishing. We divide the particiants into 2 teams, one team fishing from the boat, and one from land. After 3 hours we switch. Morgan will during the fishing come with tip on both fishing from a boat and from land.

The day at the fjord also includes lunch, hopefully with a meal of fish prepared on open fire! But guaranteed a lunch filled with some good fishing stories.

Kl 18.00-19.30 Morgan and the Trolltunga Hotel chef gives a lecture in preparation of the fish catched, filleting, and tip on different dishes.

Kl. 20.00 Dinner

Day 3 More fishing

Kl 09.00 -16.30 We explore new places for fishing.

Kl 17.30-19.00 The restaurant chef and Morgan gives lecture in making fish cakes.

Kl 19.00-20.00 A local Sider producer will give a lecture in the production of Sider, a taste of their local specialities, and tip about what Sider thats fits best with a meal of fish.

Kl 20.00 Dinner and social.

Day 4 Departure

Kl 09.00 Meet up with the group, Morgan and the Chef. And a safe return, with a mind filled with good memories and much new knowledge.


Trolltunga hotel
Vasstun 1
5750 Odda
+47 400 04 486