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Beautiful regardless of season

The golden fall gradually transitions to winter and as the conditions get rawer, rougher and harder the first snowfall is closing in. This is the time for clear starry nights and cotton candy skies.

Great snowfall lays a white blanket of snow over the majestic mountain tops and in the blink of an eye nature is dressed in its winter attire. A true winter wonderland laced with frozen magic awaits in the perfect combo of mystical serenity and magical playfulness. Waterfalls freeze over and turn into sparkling ice castles, and as the sun gets lower it is time for cozying up by the fireplace.

Take a break from everyday life and come play around in our magical powder paradise.

Witness the rejuvenation of nature as Hardanger awakens in a beautiful romance known as spring. Glistening turquoise fjord, orchards of blooming fruit trees, snow capped mountain peaks and rushing waterfalls - the list goes on like beautiful poetry.

Days get longer, brighter and warmer as the surroundings explode in a rush of freshness and vitality.

Step into Norway’s largest fruit garden and awaken your senses with the smell of blooming nature, the sound of singing birds and the taste of award winning cider.

Summer rushes over us as a wind of greatness and the region fully awakens for its high of the year. Endless opportunities for memorable adventures awaits in this picturesque summer dream.

This is the time for cruising the Hardangerfjord, conquering panoramic mountain peaks and tasting the deliciousness of Hardangers locals goods. Late summer nights, golden sunsets and breezy days by the fjord combined with the wilderness of the raw and rough nature brings out the great contrasts of Hardanger.

Tick off your bucket list with a summer holiday in our region.

After the bright warmth of the summer months, the fall is magnifying the beauty of the Hardanger nature. Orange and yellow dominate the landscape of the fall. Apples and plum is harvested, the Sider is produced.

This is an excellent time to immerse yourself in the stunning fauna and flora and to spend your fall season holiday in our region.

The Norwegian fall brings also mystic light, darkness and a sudden end to the summer. The wind rushes through the trees. The waterfalls freeze. The mist looks enchanting as it caresses the mountainsides. This is the time when snowfall makes its entrance. Conditions are rawer, rougher and harder. Mountains are sublime.

Fall is the time when fairy tales are born.