Trolltunga Hotel is situated in the heart of the Town of Outdoorlife, Odda in Hardanger. Our focus is on sustainability, to express the unique history of the area, to create a relaxing atmosphere and to use local producers both furnishings, food and drinks. 


The beautiful villa building from 1928 was renovated in 2017, with a newly built wing from 2016. In 2021, even more rooms were in at a brand new floor at the added wing, as well as a spectacular restaurant made of glass in front of the hotel. The interior is a combination of Nordic, modern and retro, but since we are so privileged regarding surroundings – mountains, waterfalls and glacier water - the view out to the beautiful nature is the main interior. 


While taking in the impression of the mighty Opo River right outside the windows our team strives to offer a place where everyone of our guests can recharge their batteries.