Trolltunga - the ROCKstar of Norway.

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Trolltunga )

Trolltunga Hotel is situated only 20 minutes from the starting point of the magnificent hike to Trolltunga. From March to June Trolltunga Hotel offers free transport to the guided tours to Trolltunga by Trolltunga Active. From June you may go by the public shuttle service performed by Odda Taxi.

Prepare well for the hike. The Trolltunga Hike is physically challenging with its rough height differences and long path. Hikers should prepare well having the right gear and train to have good physical condition before joining the hike. Norwegian Mountains are all about weather – prepare for sun, rain, wind, snow, everything in one day. Weather changes quickly, it can be hard to predict and dangerous if caution is not used.

We strongly recommend a guided tour to Trolltunga the whole season. The Trolltunga experts, Trolltunga Active, are trained guides enrolled from the norwegian university colleges for norwegian mountain guiding. They take care of your safety, make sure you are equipped with the right gear and backpack content, look out for your health, check the weather conditions, motivate you and give you local information and stories throughout the all-day hike.